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Honestly, do you know what "char" means yet?   
charity | character | charming | charisma | chr(stone)

" Your eyes, they shine so bright... 
I wanna steal that ... "
Who's a "Z" ?

sea, see "noil" and "noiz" in "civilization . you are at@

What's an "L" ?

a's victory "ar I El?"  la "v" is reverse engineered.

"I don't know" is not a Q.

What about "t?"

Surely you d the c+l in "dis'close?"  i n ?

Do you find this funny?  Funny like a crown?  Do I amuse you?

A manor a car... letter ... in .... letter ... not one but now twice, sen..  2seaclime

How about this?

Get it

Ha, ho mile.


OP or T?

You can't escape this now... 
you're gonna see I'm how <

... stay tuned, same cat time + 1 hour
same cad channel ...

it's probably a coincidence!


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